Bath Bombs

Phi Essentials brings tranquility to your bathroom and gives you a spa-like experience.

You can have a spa-like experience in your own bathroom using our bath bombs.  If you have ever had a spa experience, you probably remember how relaxed and at peace you felt. 

It felt like all of your stress, anxiety, and worries virtually vanished into thin air. If you have never had that spa experience or haven't experienced that feeling, you can click on one of the products below, create your own magic, and turn your bathroom into a spa. You don't have to ever leave your home.

Bath bombs are often described as a little ball of happiness. You simply drop one into the bathtub, and right before you, they start to fizzle. As they fizzle they send out a delightful aroma that will diffuse and fill the whole room.  

Phi Essentials bath bombs are hypoallergenic, which allows individuals with the most sensitive skin to enjoy them without causing irritation or any allergic reaction, even those whose skin is sensitive to perfumes or dyes.

Our bath bombs include beneficial ingredients that will nourish, rejuvenate, and refresh your skin. Lavender is well known for helping to promote calmness and wellness. This calmness reduces stress and anxiety and can be beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. A bath bomb that contains almond oil helps your skin look softer, feel fresh, and help you find relief if you suffer skin irritations. Avocado oil will help to soften rough skin. 

Memories are often triggered by smells and this is why bath bombs that emit a lovely aroma can trigger good memories and help create a calming effect. As soon as the bath bomb begins to fizzle and perform its magic, you will find yourself standing in your bathroom with a smile on your face as you ease your mind, body, and soul.