What products do you sell at Phi Essentials?

We offer organic and all-natural body butter, handmade sugar scrub, and handmade soaps. We utilize organic, non-gmo, cruelty free, and safe ingredients. Due to the perfect blend of natural components, you will get the desired results.

Why have you used Deionized Water in your body butter?

Deionized Water refers to that water, which has become purified with the chemical filtration method. This filtration process removes bromide, chloride, copper, iron, sodium, calcium, and other mineral ions. This is why purified deionized water works best for cosmetic products. 

Will your products remove dry patches?

Our products contain nutrient rich ingredients that heal and restore the skin. Surely, our natural body butter and sugar scrubs can remove these patches. However, you have to use them regularly to get the desired result. 

Can I use sugar scrubs on my face?

Yes. We have handmade sugar scrubs that are made with organic fair trade sugar, along with a blend of plant-derived oils. However, due to the coarse sugar granules, we recommend that you use gentle, circular massage motions to prevent skin abrasions. 

Are all your soaps vegan?

Most of our soaps are made of natural components derived from plants. However, we do offer goat milk soap, as well as others that may contain beeswax, and/or honey. Please see the ingredient list for the desired product.


How does your body butter formula benefit the skin?

Our body butters are formulated with natural antimicrobial properties. They are effective for fighting against fungus and bacteria in your skin. We found that they also have the potential of preventing acne breakouts. They are capable of breaking down dead cells of your skin, which in turn helps in the normal regeneration of cells. 

Are your products tested on animals?

No. None of our products are tested on animals.