Handmade Soap 3pk

Handmade Soap 3pk

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Fall in love with our handmade soap bars. They are devoid of harmful sulfates and foaming agents. We use natural clays and powders as binding agents for our soaps- kaolin clay, illite clay, nut powders, coffee grounds are a few examples. The subtle hues are imparted by organic dyes and natural colors. With their natural and organic ingredients, not only do they protect you from harmful germs and bacterias, but give you that peace of mind knowing there are no long-term side effects. Bathe in confidence while gently removing oil, and dirt, to give you that relaxing and light feeling after a bath or shower.


  • Made with natural ingredients like essential oils, coconut oils, and shea butter.
  • Gently removes dirt and excess oils.
  • Anti-aging and nutrient-rich qualities. 
  • Prevents dry itchy skin while healing, restoring, and moisturizing.
  • Enjoy pleasant long-lasting scents.


Three 4oz bars