Lavender Fields Body Powder

Lavender Fields Body Powder

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Don’t just look good but also smell great with our Lavender Fields Body Powder. It gives a long-lasting hint of lavender to your body and keeps its luster intact for long hours. Devoid of animal-sourced ingredients, this powder is all you need for a refreshing touch-up.

  • This powder soaks in moisture from the skin and prevents it from getting oily.
  • It protects the skin from perspiration and leaves behind a trail of lavender.
  • The body powder is composed of organic and nature-friendly ingredients.
  • Its herbal constitution and lavender oil smoothen up the skin texture.
  • You feel refreshed at a sprinkle of this body powder. 
  • Lavender Fields body powder doesn’t contain corn, talc, and phthalates.
  • This is a non-GMO product and very gentle on the skin.
  • Whether after a shower or just before stepping out, apply this powder to feel the difference.


Ingredients: Maranta Arundinacea Root (Arrowroot) Powder, Kaolin Clay, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Populus Adenopoda (Aspen Bark) Extract